Lend a Hand to the Israeli People

Your help really can make a difference!

We really can make a difference!

The deteriorating economic situation in Eretz Israel has made a university education beyond the means of a growing number of young Israelis. The lack of new university graduates has fed the downward spiral of an economy already in crisis.

The Israeli owned health and beauty manufacturer"Cegal by the Sea" has responded to the economic situation by implementing a program to provide job training, employment, and subsidized housing for newly released IDF soldiers who wish to earn enough to finance their education at Israeli universities. In the last several years the Cegal program has enabled hundreds of young Israelis to attend classes at respected Israeli campuses.

Cegal is now encouraging others who are interested in lending a hand to the youth of Israel to participate in their program by offering religious organizations and other interested persons special discounts on their entire award-winning product line.

More about "Cegal by the Sea" Health and Beauty products from the Dead Sea:

Cegal is a world-leader in supplying prestigious, high-end skin-care products to the finest resorts and spas in Europe and on the Dead Sea itself.

Cegal products are the culmination of years of research and development, carried out in their own laboratories and in the finest spas and clinics on the Dead Sea. Cegal's commitment to quality and innovation has resulted in a line of exquisitely crafted products, unsurpassed in luxury and effectiveness.

As you indulge in the soothing and cleansing properties of our "Cegal by the Sea" product-line, you can be assured that our unique combination of precious Dead Sea minerals and natural ingredients will leave you as refreshed and invigorated as the patrons of the most exclusive spas in Europe and the Dead Sea itself.

Cegal by the Sea is offering the following quality products to religious organizations and their supporters at unprecedented discount prices.

Dead Sea Mud-Mask

Made with the same mineral-rich black Dead Sea therapeutic mud that has been treasured for it's healing and regenerative properties for thousands of years.

At long last, King Solomon's greatest treasure, and Cleopatra's most guarded beauty secret can now be enjoyed in the United States. Cegal has made it possible to experience a little bit of the Holy land in your own home.

Dead Sea Salt & Mineral revitalizing scrub

Unlike most so-called "Dead-Sea" scrubs (which contain little or no actual Dead-Sea minerals), Cegal's "Revitalizing Scrub" is made from the finest spa-grade salts and minerals imported from the Dead Sea in Israel.

Cegal's Dead Sea Salt and Mineral Scrub gently exfoliates rough, dead, and damaged epidermis while enriching the skin with deep penetrating minerals found only in Israel's Dead Sea. These are the same mineral salts used in the most exclusive Balneotherapy clinics.

In contrast to other "Scrubs", Cegal uses no oils or waxes in their product. The softness you feel after pampering yourself with a Cegal Dead Sea Scrub or Mineral Bath is all natural, and not merely a coating of oil on your skin!

(Cegal Dead Sea Salt and Mineral Revitalizing Scrub can be used as a scrub or added to bath water for an intensely soothing spa experience! It's available in your choice of Lavender, Vanilla, or Orange fragrances)

Other fine "Cegal by the Sea" products with Dead Sea minerals;

Cegal deep-penetrating, restorative Hand Lotion

Cegal Dead Sea Hyper-Therapeutic Foot-care Lotion

Cegal Dead Sea Hydro-Refining Face Moisturizing Lotion SPF-20 For Her

Cegal Dead Sea Hydro-Refining Face Moisturizing and Conditioning Lotion SPF-20 For Him

Ask about Cegal's

re-sale plan.

Raise funds for your church or synagogue,while helping Israeli youth earn their way to a higher education.

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Why should we care about Eretz Israel and it's people?

The Bible is clear about the attitude Christians should have towards the Jews.

Genesis 12:3 says we should "bless them."

Isaiah 40:1 commands us to "comfort them."

Psalm 122:6 says we should "pray for the peace of Jerusalem."

Romans 11:31 tells us to "show them mercy."

G_d will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you. Genesis 12:3 + 27:29

This promise was given to the Jews fathers, Abraham and Jacob - & Israel.

"So whoever blesses Israel, will be blessed."

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6)

Be blessed through your prayers for Israel.


Learn more about the healing properties of the Dead Sea

For those unfamiliar with the healing and purifying properties of  Dead Sea minerals, we suggest visiting the following web-site;

I.P.T.C. Dermatological Clinic

Are you lending a hand to help the Israeli people?

As more people become active in their support for Israel and it's people, we will be adding more links and addresses to this site. (Click on the image to the right to visit the "Buy Israel Goods" web-site)

You can make a difference!

Everyday the newspapers are filled with the ongoing tragedy that has befallen the people of Israel. With a little effort and a lot of prayer, we can change things for the better!